Robobloq Qoopersprint

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Robobloq Qoopers is suitable for ages 10+

What is green and cute? A frog? That’s for sure now. But Robobloq’s Qoopers robot is also green and cute. He is not only cute, but thanks to the aluminum parts, he is also a strong robot with a fairly large LED matrix screen.

Draw a happy face or two big eyes instead, or something else entirely! This robot is capable of both wheeling and crawling.

•  Operates on 6x AA batteries.

You take out your Android tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 or later, download the application, open the building instructions, find a screwdriver and a small wrench from the kit, with which you build the robot – in about 45 minutes you have assembled the robot.
Then you write the code or control the robot like a remote control car. You can choose between six ideas already thought up by the manufacturer. Or let your imagination fly and create something completely new from 223 details. You can program as a series of command blocks and if you are very skilled, you can also command the robot with Arduino.

Create an obstacle course and see how your robot drives, avoids obstacles, plays music and changes color and flashes lights.


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