Tale-Bot Proprint

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Matatalab’s new screen-free learning robot Tale-Bot.

For ages 3+

•Tale-Bot is programmed using the buttons on the back. The entered movements can be seen in the indicator lights above the buttons, the color of the lights corresponds to the color of the buttons. The light of the color that the robot is currently filling burns brighter, which in turn makes it easier to follow the program.

•Up to 256 moves can be entered into the Tale-Bot at once. A wrong move or an entire program can be deleted with the red X button to correct the error or start a new task.

•Tale-Bot can also be entered in repetitions to complete more complex mazes or draw shapes. You can also make the robot dance. You can draw with 1 or 2 markers at the same time, and you can also draw a circle.

•Using the microphone built into the Tale-bot robot, you can record sound clips of up to 30 seconds, and duplicate the last recording. Up to 256 audio clips can be recorded at once. NB! The sound remains until the robot is turned off. All this provides good opportunities for language learning, especially in kindergarten-primary schools.

The set includes:
• 10 interactive squares (of which 2 are empty squares for a topic of your choice and for creative learning)
• Tale-Bot robot
• 2 robot arms
• 2 LEGO Duplo building blocks that also have a marker hole
• 2 wings
• USB-C charging cable
• 2 washable markers
• robot user manual.
• 32 command cards
• 3 robot paper cases
• sticker album with 98 interactive stickers

By ordering from Robomiku, you get a Tale-Bot that speaks in Estonian! If necessary, we can also provide English-speaking bots. The Estonian-language Tale-Bot has been developed in cooperation with the Väike Päike Children’s Club.

Tale-Bot with Estonian ringtone is protected by copyright. Changing, copying and distributing the ringtone without Robomik’s permission is not allowed!

Tale-Bots in Estonian are produced and programmed by special order of Robomik.

Robomiku is the official importer of Tale-Bot.

We recommend watching the Tale-Bot video clip. The video introducing the product in Estonian has been made in cooperation with Children’s Club Väike Päike.


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