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Matatalab Liteprint

200.00VAT incl.



Who would have believed that such a small robot could be controlled by so many different sensors?

Eyes rest and minds are alert with this robot. Previous experience is not important – anyone can quickly learn how to use MatataLab Lite.

For ages 3+

Don’t let his size fool you – he’s very capable! The robot’s hardware contains: IR, sound, light, color, gyro, and touch sensors.

Use Robomik’s various MatataLab learning fields or make your own and use the robot in learning activities as well. This robot is not just a remote control car.

The MatataLab Lite robot can be controlled in three different ways:

(a) Control mode

Children can control the movement of the robot very easily. They quickly understand that by pressing the arrow buttons on the controller, ←↑↓→, the robot will also move according to the symbol and perform various actions, in addition to movement, Matatalab Lite can also play music.

b) Prog mode

It is possible to enter a line of commands through the controller. Each command is indicated by a different color in the LED strip on the edge of the controller, helping the child to better associate colors with actions. By pressing the Start button, the robot starts to move according to the pre-programmed. The color on the controller, lights up more brightly at the stage the robot is currently doing. Many gears can be entered (up to 100 gears) and thanks to the colors that appear on the controller, it is possible to make a quick analysis, if necessary, find an error and make corrections

c) Sensor mode

With sensors, it is possible to make the robot react to light and certain colors and obstacles on the road. Among other things, thanks to the gyro sensor, the robot can be controlled by tilting the controller in the direction of tilting the controller. In addition, with MatataLab Lite, it is possible to play sound ladders and various simpler songs note by note.

The set includes:

• robot
• controller
• charging cable
• silicone exercise mat with three exercise books and stickers
• manual.

NB! You can draw with the Matatalab Lite robot – e.g. Matatalab felts are suitable for this.

The video introducing the product in Estonian has been made in cooperation with Children’s Club Väike Päike.


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