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TTS rugged robotprint


230.00VAT incl.



The winner of the BETT 2020 Best Digital Device Award at the Educational Technology Fair is now in the RoboMik online store – TTS Maastikurobot

Key features:

intended for use both inside the house and outdoors (in the countryside), able to move at least on sand, gravel, soil, grass
at least three speeds
when the robot is turned on, the lights will turn on to indicate the status of the robot
if the robot has not been used for a while, it must automatically switch to a passive state (lights off, lower battery load)
in a dark room, the light sensor activates lighting on the robot
inside the robot is a small “trunk” for storing or transporting things
on top of the all-terrain robot there are easy-to-understand programming buttons for children (arrow buttons: forward, backward, 45 degrees left/right. Start button for the commands programmed into the robot, a button for taking a short break in the program (pause), a button for clearing the memory of the programmed commands. In addition, the robot has an obstacle avoidance button (when turned on, the robot will avoid obstacles, looking for the shortest path to pass them), a speed change button and a button to turn on the robot.
The robot has a blue tooth (Bluetooth) connection capability that allows the robot to be controlled by both a tablet and the TTS TacTile Code Reader.


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