StoryStarter Space Curriculum Packprint

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The StoryStarter Space Curriculum Pack invites pupils to delve deeper into the exciting theme of space, encouraging them to discover the science fiction genre while also exploring social studies, recounts of historical events, and natural science. The Curriculum Pack material includes:

  • An introduction to the material and teacher notes that includes tips for pupil assessment
  • A curriculum grid aligning each activity to National Curriculum Standards and specific learning objectives
  • Six complete StoryStarter activities designed around the Space theme
  • An additional ideas section with prompts for even more activity suggestions
  • A constructopedia displaying a variety of unique models to inspire pupils
  • An element overview to aid with tracking pieces and for sorting the bricks by characters, props, setting, and details

The Curriculum Pack features activities that highlight real-world relevance, challenging pupils to read informational texts related to the space theme and communicate their learning with peers. This process endows pupils with the powerful skills of conducting research, interpreting findings, and documenting stories using a variety of writing styles, including diary entries, scripts, letters, articles, and instructions.

Delivery up to 2-4 weeks.


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