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The StoryStarter Curriculum Pack covers a range of activities and provides plenty of ideas for facilitating rich literacy lessons and will engage all students. The activities deliver a great starting point for educators, and the learning possibilities are endless.

The StoryStarter Curriculum Pack features lessons that challenge students to complete creative writing exercises, to retell events and accounts from their own lives, and to analyze existing works of fiction and nonfiction.

Using the Curriculum Pack and StoryVisualizer Software in combination with the StoryStarter Core set will help create confident readers and writers while also meeting curriculum targets.

All StoryStarter activities are based on the English Language Arts Common Core Standards and match specific grade-related objectives.

The StoryStarter Curriculum Pack is located in the StoryVisualizer Software and can be downloaded directly from the introduction screen.

This product is intended for use with the StoryStarter Core Set.

7+ yrs
  • Curriculum

    The StoryStarter Curriculum Pack contains 24 activities all correlated to English Language Arts Common Core Standards for second through fifth grades.

    All lessons have been developed to enable students’ skills and understanding in the areas of speaking and listening, reading, language, and writing. Each activity is designed to produce explicit learning outcomes and matches specific grade-related Common Core and state-driven English language arts standards.

    The Curriculum Pack features:

    • 24 Language Arts activities
    • Learning Grid that aligns activities to key standards and objectives
    • Rubric samples to help ongoing student self-evaluation
    • Element survey, lesson plans, student worksheets, and tips and tricks

    The detailed Learning Grids found in the pack shows how StoryStarter and the activities included map to the curriculum standards, making it easier to align the key skills you need to teach to the right activity. The collaborative nature of the product also helps students develop key real-world skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication, and cooperation – as well as sparks creativity and imagination.

  • Software and apps

    The StoryVisualizer software encourages students to plan, create and write their stories by offering digital tools that help provide structure to the story telling experience. The organizational and storyboarding tools in the software create a strong foundation for all students to build upon even those students who show little interest and are typically difficult to engage in the writing process.

    The software enables students to write their stories and upload photos they’ve taken of their built StoryStarter models using a webcam, digital camera, or smart device. Plus the variety of comprehensive features enable students to further develop their stories by using imported images, backdrops, clip art graphics, and an easy-to-use text tool. The digital interface enhances your students’ creativity as it helps them realize their writing skills. The software makes it easy to create, print, publish, and share stories with other students. Stories also can be emailed to parents or posted online.

    Try out the software with our software demo tool, and you’ll gain a greater understanding of the possibilities it provides for story writing. You’ll see how intuitive and easy it is to use, giving you an idea of how quickly you will be able to implement it in your classroom – and also how much fun your students will have when they use it.

    Available for download on PCs, Macs and iOS and Android devices.


    Assessment opportunities are also available when using StoryStarter with your students.

    Rubrics can be used in conjunction with the StoryStarter solution to establish clear expectations of students’ quality of work, as well as lesson goals and objectives.

    The works your students create using the StoryVisualizer software can also be used to track how students’ progress in their written work from project to project and over time.

    Lastly, because all StoryStarter activities encourage students to not only work together, but also to present their stories to their peers, teachers can use the building and presentation phases as an opportunity to assess students’ 21st-century skills of communication and collaboration.


    LEGO Education StoryStarter provides an innovative way of teaching a wide array of Language Arts skills including writing, language development, and reading comprehension abilities. Communications skills like speaking, listening, and collaborating with peers are also enhanced as students work together to build and share their storied creations.

    StoryStarter develops comprehension skills and enables students to compose new stories or analyze existing ones – further building their understanding of the critical elements used in developing a story structure.

Delivery up to 2-4 weeks.


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