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Matatalab Pro Setprint

300.00VAT incl.



Children learn by playing.

Matatalab Pro Set is a set that allows you to learn programming at an early age through playful and hands-on activities. For ages 4+

By placing the programming blocks on the table, children can quickly start their program. The kit gives the child an immediate experience of success and teaches them to understand that programming is actually easy.

By starting young, and having learned the basics of programming, children are able to take on much more abstract programming tasks later on, and don’t have to feel intimidated by it.

Children can program the robot to draw various graphic elements, combine their favorite music or create something completely new.

The set includes:

• 16 direction blocks
• 30 argument blocks
• 4 replay blocks
• 4 function blocks
• 3 demo activity blocks
• 32 blocks to make music
• 10 melody blocks
• 3 demo cards with six samples
• 3 washable felts
• obstacles
• flags
• programming table
• beacon
• robot
• charging cables
• two-sided square


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