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The best way to arouse children’s interest in acquiring knowledge and to develop their logical thinking early.
The mTiny discovery kit is built on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and is based on the learning and development guide for 3-6 year olds.
The set integrates diverse knowledge, enriching children’s learning experiences in games. With simple point-and-click programming created by researchers, clicking with a stylus will stimulate children’s interest in active exploration and self-direction, and practice the ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. The entire set of solutions for early childhood education is designed to develop creative and integrative thinking in children and support their lifelong learning. What makes mTiny special?
• Smart! Supports reading, math, music and programming learning.
• Friendly! mTiny can talk, express emotions and move.
• Fun! Interactive games to play with friends.
• Simple! No need for a screen and a smartphone.
• Interactive! Smart robot stylus and interactive mat.
• Secure! mTiny is produced from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. The set includes:
mTiny robot, stylus,
81 code cards,
24 themed card pieces,
4 action cards,
5 playing cards,
3 character masks,
1 flagpole,
1 × 2-in-1 Micro USB cable,
8 flags,
4 colored markers,
safety manual (in 9 languages),
quick guide (in 9 languages),
1xUnlock Card,
1 QR code card with getting started activities,
description of coding maps.


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