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This premium educational robot named IRobot Root RT0 has so much to discover. There are not enough words to describe this robot, but we will still try to introduce you to this awesome friend.

Root is also designed for those who can’t read yet. We recommend from the age of four, and there is no upper age limit

• Suitable for anyone of any age and experience

• Provides interactive learning

• For use alone or in a group

• Different sensor and capability, sound, color, light, gyro, drop and touch sensors

• Wheel encoder or rotation sensor

• Draws on paper, raises/lowers the marker

• LED light strips and “eyes”

• 3 levels of programming

It is possible to draw complex shapes with the Root robot. The pen lift mechanism allows the robot to travel distances where it does not draw.

Root RT0 does not work on vertical surfaces!

The simulator helps to look for errors in the program without actually drawing. In this way, there is an immediate opportunity to notice the problem and correct errors.

Already created projects/programs can be saved and shared with others (including teachers and parents). You don’t have to have a robot at home to watch the program online. Programming takes place in the web environment.

Do you feel that you want to play music, draw pictures and shapes with the robot or do many other things?

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, anyone can handle Root!

• For the smallest (age 4+), placing blocks one after the other, level 1 (graphic programming). Suitable for kindergartens and primary schools. Blocks & icons to program just like SPIKE and the Qobo app.

• A school-aged child (aged 7+) can test his skills by programming with blocks based on Scratch, level 2. Later (aged 12+), when skill and interest are already high, he can even learn to program with text-based blocks, level 3.

• By doing the program in level 1, the program can also be seen in the form of level 3 – you can move between levels, and the program is converted from easier to harder if possible, or from harder to easier if possible.

Root has a schedule full of different classes and activities for every friend and age. You want to play Jingle Bells – please, you want to draw a unicorn – let’s go, do you want to help Root solve problems or play alone with Root instead? Root has so many different engaging and playful ways to make programming exciting and interesting. The visual side gives a special effect.

With Root, math and computer lessons are more fun and engaging than ever before!

Learning to program has never been so fun and engaging!

Root can be used on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Chrome OS.

The set includes:
• 1 Root robot
• charging cable
• 1 cleaning cloth
• 1 marker
• stickers to mark the destination or design the field
• 1 folding laminated white square (1 square side length 16 cm).

A base plate compatible with Lego is included!




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