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This LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Computing Scheme of Work provides extensive content for teachers to deliver the Computing curriculum to Key Stage 3 pupils. While focused mainly on the new Computing curriculum, this scheme of work provides ample cross-curricular opportunities throughout Science, Mathemathics and Design & Technology.

Let your pupils sit in the driving seat! Engage your pupils with real-world examples, enabling them to apply and develop their programming knowledge to topics such as vehicle reversing beeps, keyless starting of a car or cruise control. The activities will help teachers inspire pupils to discover the importance of computer programming in our everyday lives.

Product features: The Computing Scheme of Work consists of 12 sessions providing approximately 36 hours of classroom-based activity using LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3. It is mainly targeted at Key Stage 3 pupils, but can easily be extended to cover topics at Key Stage 4. The Computing Scheme of Work will be provided via digital download as a pdf file and is licenced for use throughout your school.

Each session includes:

  • An introduction to each session
  • Links to the National Curriculum
  • Activities and challenges on each topic, with a clear learning outcome per session
  • Students workcards
  • Programming examples and possible solutions using the EV3 software
  • Further text based possible solutions using RobotC
  • Supporting visuals and links to tutorial videos which can be found in the EV3 Robot Educator

The lessons plans in this scheme work will greatly reduce planning time, and provide a basis to develop more extensive and complex lessons as required in your school.

Please note: this add-on resource requires the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set and Software and the battery charger, all sold separately.

Please note the software included in this pack is delivered digitally.

Computer not included.

Delivery up to 2-4 weeks.


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